family“Laurence, I am considering retaining a divorce attorney and, to be honest, I have heard much about you but I still have a few questions that I would like to ask . . .”

“What would you say is the single most important reason why your clients choose you to handle their divorce cases?”

“My clients appreciate that I am personally involved in all aspects of their cases, and I never delegate important duties to an associate or paralegal. I do my own legal work and know everything about my clients’ cases. I am involved “hands on” throughout the entire process and promptly return my clients’ telephone calls. It is what my clients deserve and expect.

“That’s impressive, but how do you manage it?”

“It is a challenge that I accept and enjoy, and it is the right thing to do. I run my law practice like a boutique, not a factory. If I truly felt unable to devote the appropriate amount of time and energy to a case, then I wouldn’t accept it in the first place. I will not compromise on my strong belief in the personal “hands on” approach. Divorce cases are complex, sometimes unpredictable, often involving children, and extreme care must be taken at all times. My goal is to do everything necessary to protect my client’s interests, obtain the best possible results, and provide my client the opportunity of a more stable, optimistic and viable future. I can only accomplish this by being right with my client every step of the way.”

“Do you believe in being the “tough guy” in the case, in order to get the win for your clients?”

lk at desk small“That’s a good question! Many of the people I represent initially have mixed
emotions – anger, resentment, bitterness and revenge. Some clients feel guilty. Every single case is unique. My job is to analyze the issues in the
case and the personalities of the parties and my opposing attorney. With that in mind, I determine the best approach for my client and act accordingly.
When a case calls for me to be the “tough guy” to attain my client’s objectives, then I am very good at being the “tough guy.” But when my
client’s interests are best served by a reasonable, calm approach and cooperation with the other attorney, then that’s the approach I take. Bottom
line, I use my years of experience and choose whatever tools are necessary; every case is different and flexibility is the key.”

“Do most cases have to go to trial?”

“No. Despite the contentious nature of divorce cases, most are still settled out of court. But there are always going to be cases that will not settle,
where a trial is inevitable, and that is where my many years of litigation experience serve my clients well. Throughout my career, I have achieved
very favorable results at trial in child custody cases and in complex high asset and support cases.”